Saturday, March 6, 2010


This Daisy Marie video interview is part of her in-depth feature from the producers of XXX Pillow Talk, feauturing intimate discussions with many top models and pornstars.

Seated in an adorable pink bikini, Daisy answers many questions about herself the person and the pornstar. At the time of filming she was 24 years old and had been in the business for about 5 years.

Prior to porn, Daisy had worked at a fast food chicken restaurant and at a family portrait studio. She entered into the adult industry after meeting a performer and deciding it was the right move.

Daisy has a sexy Latina accent and lives in Los Angeles. The busty starlet loves all music except for country and she likes watching comedies.

Turning to show her back, Daisy reveals her huge tattoo saying that so far she has had 22 hours of work done to it with more to come. She talks about how she used to have piercings but no longer does. She also reveals that having a tattoo does not make her tough as she is terrified of the dark.

Although she lost her virginity to a boy at 15, she had started experimenting with girls before that. She is a confident bi-sexual who likes natural girls with big butts and strong, overpowering men. She likes foreplay, being teased, choked and taken hard. She says that she has developed a taste for bondage and once got so horny that she had sex in a car pulled over on the freeway.

She has two favorite positions. One is reverse cowgirl and the other is on her stomach, legs closed with the guy straddling her and pushing deep. Her clitoris is the fastest way to get her to orgasm although she says that her highly sensitive nipples can almost get her there as well.

Daisy shows her beautiful enhanced breasts and also lowers her panties to show that she keeps her pussy shaven. She turns around to show off her bare ass and gives it a bit of a spread for the camera.

There is still so much more to learn about this babe, so go ahead and watch and find out how to approach her and how to avoid annoying her should you ever spot her in public.

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